Delcampe changes


Today, Delcampe introduced two changes to their website.

The first one is the anonymization of the bid history. You can now only see your name in the bidder list, other names are obfuscated. As a result of this change, Snippy's has been unable to determine the sale winner for some of the latests missions. Some of you were charged despite having lost the auction. We corrected our software, this should not happen anymore. We also corrected the mistakes and refunded everyone as needed. Please let us know if you believe your mission was incorrectly charged and we have not rectified the error.

The second change is the introduction of the last minute extension for every auction. This means that every bid placed within the last minute of the auction will automatically extend the sale by 60 seconds. We believe that the impact on the benefits of using our service is only marginal. However, we do recommend to use a buffer value of 61 seconds. In our view, this has always been the optimal buffer value for auctions with automatic extensions.

Happy bidding!

Delcampe accounts issue


An issue prevented our users to link a new Delcampe account or to update / test an already linked Delcampe account password.

This issue has now been resolved, everything should work as expected.

We thank you for your patience.

eBay sniper: ready for action


We are very excited to announce that our public test period will come to an end next Monday (29th of November).

We are happy to report that our new eBay sniper is exceeding our expectations, with no issues either observed by us or reported by our users.

This means that all our users will have access to our eBay sniper from next Monday on.

Happy bidding!

eBay sniper: call for testers


We finally sorted out the last issues that prevented us from bringing our eBay sniper back to life. Our new eBay sniper should be more reliable and more accurate than it has ever been in the past. We are confident that it is now ready for public use.

Before a full release, we would like to go through a beta testing phase. During that phase, selected users will be able to use our sniper with no restrictions, for free. We would just ask them to report any issue they would come across, and to work with us while we resolve them.

If you are interested in joining our testing program, feel free to contact us.

NB: We do answer to every and each e-mail we receive, usually in a timely manner. Please make sure to check your spam folder if you did not receive a response from us.

Thanks in advance for your support!

Call Snippy's


We are happy to announce the immediate availability of our new tool: the 'Call Snippy's' button.

This replaces the 'Call Snippy's' button we had with the previous website version. The feature is similar: click the button while browsing the auction website in order to easily register a mission on the item you are viewing.

However, it is now much simpler to install because we made it a browser add-on, available from the add-on stores of the three main Internet browsers (Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge).

For more information, and specific details for each browser, please check the dedicated section on our snipedia page.

As usual, feel free to contact us if you have any question related to this new tool.

Happy bidding!

Delcampe account linkage - limits


For security reasons, the number of account tests that we can perform every hour is limited. Since our reopening last Monday, many of you have been linking your Delcampe accounts.

At peak hours, our limit is reached and the procedure cannot be carried out. We understand that this situation can be quite frustrating. Unfortunately, there is not much that we can do at our end.

If you are unable to link your Delcampe account because of this limit, we kindly ask you to be patient, and to try again some time later.

Delcampe account linkage


A few of you have had issues with authorizing Snippy's to use your Delcampe account.

We identified the source of most of the problems. Most of them should be fixed already, and we will keep working on ironing out the last wrinkles. Thank you for your patience!

Our Delcampe sniper is back


After a lot of work, a lot of stress, a lot of testing (thanks again to our brave testers), a lot of fixing and tweaking... here we are again, well and kicking.

As you can guess just by the look of the website, there has been a lot of changes. Beside the fact that our Delcampe sniper is now operational again, here are the differences that our returning users should expect.

1/ The website is completely different.

The previous website was outdated. For instance, it could not be used on small screens. Moreover, recent changes on the auction websites forced us to completely change some of our processes.

For all these reasons, the new website is totally different. Functionally and visually. Changes can be a hurdle at first. Hopefully, you will learn to like the new website and it will eventually prove itself easier to use.

2/ Older Internet browsers are not compatible anymore.

You will need a fairly recent browser to interact with the new website. Internet Explorer is not supported anymore. If you are still using Internet Explorer 11, please consider switching to Edge, Firefox or Chrome. Please note that even Microsoft is gradually dropping support for IE 11.

3/ Your bidding accounts are gone from Snippy's.

The first thing you will have to do is to authorize our sniper to use your Delcampe account. The process is now different because of the new security settings on Delcampe. Further steps are required, on top of providing your Delcampe username and password.

We hope that the new layout will make this process smooth and easy. If you have any difficulty, feel free to contact us by e-mail. We will do our best to assist you.

Even though your bidding accounts are gone, your Snippy's account is still here. You can log in using your usual e-mail / password credential. Your snipe history and your snippies balance will still be there.

Today is quite a milestone for us. It is far from the end of the journey though. We have big plans for Snippy's. 2021 will be full of surprises. We hope you enjoy using our service, today, and for the years to come.