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Usability changes between Snippy's 1 & Snippy's 2

mercredi 26 décembre 2007 04:17 UTC

Here is a short list of the main usability changes in Snippy's 2.0:

1/ Your login credentials now use your e-mail address instead of your chosen nickname. Password remains unchanged.

2/ The 'Call Snippy's' button should still work. However, we strongly recommend that you un-install and re-install it for best performance. Installation instructions are here to help you out with this update. There is also a specific howto for this in this forum section.

3/ Registering a new mission now requires that you provide Snippy's with the entire URL address of the targeted object description. There is no need to go and find the auction reference number on that page. Again, a specific post is dedicated to this topic in this howto forum section.
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