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Set up a new mission

vendredi 17 novembre 2006 09:48 UTC

1/ Log in your Snippy's account by using the credentials you provided during the registration (e-mail address and password).

2/ From the "Missions control center", paste or type in the whole internet address (URL) of the description page of the object you would like to aim in the appropriate field. It is located right under your mission list.

3/ Click on the 'Set up mission' button. Snippy's goes and queries the auction site to fetch your object data. These information are then loaded in the bottom left corner of the page.

4/ If needed, edit your mission details in the bottom right corner of the page. Pay special attention to the bid maximum amount, as well as the buffer value. The buffer is the number of seconds before the sale end at which Snippy's will place your bid.

5/ Save your mission by clicking on the green validation button. Your new mission is then added to the scheduled missions list in the upper part of the missions control center.

6/ Let Snippy's do its job!
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