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jeudi 24 janvier 2008 08:36 UTC

When you register a new mission, you can ask Snippy's to keep an eye on the targeted object for you. When an update is detected, Snippy's sends you an e-mail. The list of changes that can trigger this alert is customizable under the 'Alerts' tab in the bottom right corner of the Mission Control Center. Here is the detailed list of the triggers:

- Sale type: the sale can be an auction, a so called Dutch auction (several items in the sale), a fixed price sale, etc...
- Number of bids: the number of bids placed on the object
- Outbid: when the bid you set up in your mission does not allow you to win the sale anymore
- Title: the object title
- Bid step: the minimum difference between the next bid and the currently higher bid
- Seller score: the seller mark in the auction site notation system
- Description: the object description
- Payment methods: the payment methods accepted by the seller
- Seller location: where the seller is
- Min. bid: the minimum value of the next bid that can be placed on the object
- Seller's message: the generic message from the seller (not specific to the object)
- End of sale: the date of the end of the sale
- Quantity: the quantity of items in the lot
- Subtitle: the object subtitle
- Reserve met: the reserve price is met
- Seller name: the seller nickname
- Visits: the number of hits on the description page of the object

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